Revelation Puzzle Rooms Canberra

A unique approach to escape rooms in Canberra

Our Escape Rooms

Puzzle Focus

We pride ourselves on having deep puzzles which are both engaging and challenging. When we design our rooms, we always ask ourselves "Why does this puzzle exist in the room? Does it make sense?"

Custom Pins

We created a custom keepsake for each game we create. Everyone gets a an enamel pin for playing which you can collect and remember your experience by! Be sure to collect them all!

Detailed statistics

As you play, we track how you perform against the average for each puzzle. After your experience, your game master will walk you through how you fared, and show you anything you may have missed.

Connected Story

All our rooms are integrated into a deep character driven narative. It doesn't matter where you start, so pick your favorite room and jump into the story today!



A major pharmaceutical company by the name of Genesis Laboratories has posted an ad seeking researchers to help create a cure. You respond to the job offer; however, when you arrive things are not as they seem.

Thousands continue to fall victim to Valerium. Can you create a cure before it’s too late?

Playable group size: 2-8 Players

Recommended group size: 3-6 Players

Difficulty: 3.5/5

Game design style: Escape Rooms 101

Exploration 75%
Creative 80%
Logic 85%
Totally Real Science 100%

Toxic and Doomsday are Canberra’s first 2-in-1 puzzle rooms. It occupies the same space as Doomsday and yet is a unique experience.

Unfortunately, as a result both Toxic and Doomsday are unable to be booked simultaneously.



You are a group of operatives working for a super secret organisation. Extremely high levels of Valerium have been detected inside Genesis Laboratories and you have been sent to investigate. You can’t be sure of the exact cause, but whatever it is, it can’t be anything good.

Can you make the right choice before the time runs out?

Playable group size: 2-8 Players

Recommended group size: 3-6 Players

Difficulty: 4/5

Game design style: A very story driven experience

Exploration 80%
Creative 90%
Logic 60%
Stealth 100%

Doomsday and Toxic are Canberra’s first 2-in-1 puzzle rooms. It occupies the same space as Toxic and yet is a unique experience.

Unfortunately, as a result both Doomsday and Toxic are unable to be booked simultaneously.

Cold Case


Your close relative has been suddenly killed. The man responsible has eluded the police’s grasp and you have decided to take matters into your own hands. The detective on the case has agreed to give you access to the crime scene. Before long, the case will go cold and the criminal will walk free.

Can you find him before it is too late?

Playable group size: 2-8 Players

Recommended group size: 4-6 Players

Difficulty: 5/5

Game design style: A detective heavy experience

Exploration 85%
Creative 65%
Logic 85%
Detective Skills 100%



Minimum Charge of $160 on Public Holidays
A $40 deposit is required to book, the remaining amount is paid instore on the day
We accept all major eftpos & credit cards in store with no surcharge
Unfortunately, cash is not accepted

Gift Vouchers

Make that occasion a little more special with a Revelation Puzzle Rooms gift voucher!


  • Yes! As long as you are under our maximum of 8 players there won't be any problems. We only charge for those who arrive on the day.
  • Please contact us if you expect more than 8 players and we will do our best to accomodate you.

  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your start time.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late we will be unable to provide you with the full game time.
  • Arrivals more than 30 minutes late will have their session cancelled in its entirety with no refund.

  • We do not recommend our rooms for anyone under the age of 14.
  • Under 16's will require a paying adult in the room with them for supervision.
  • Kids younger than 10 may be frightened by some aspects of our rooms.
  • We do not charge for children under 5.

Please allocate 90 minutes total for your session. This includes:
  • A briefing of the rules and story.
  • 60 minutes inside the room, plus a little extra if needed.
  • A debriefing & walkthrough of your puzzle statistics.

  • Please come wearing enclosed shoes.
  • Be sure to bring reading glasses if you need them.
  • Don't forget that incredible mind of yours!

  • Yes! All our rooms are wheelchair accessible. Please have one non-wheelchair bound player with you to assist in the room.
  • Unfortunately, our toilet is not wheelchair accessible.

  • Cancellations & Rescheduling more than 48h prior to your start time will not incur a fee.
  • Cancellations & Rescheduling less than 48h prior to your start time will incur a $40 fee.
  • If your group does not arrive for their session, it will be cancelled with no refund.

To ensure our staff receive a fair wage, a minimum charge of $160 applies on public holidays.

  • None of our themes are too scary, although some elements may scare children.
  • Some things may pop open suddenly which could startle you.
  • Don't be suprised if you feel stressed out by the ticking timer!

  • Don't worry, fortunately that is illegal! Our rooms have emergency exit buttons or doors which are simply never locked.
  • Often, your goal isn't to 'escape',so there would be no benefit to you doing so anyway!

Unfortunately, we are a cashless business. Please bring card to pay with instore.

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